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Do you need professional PPC Services? Are you looking to quickly increase your online reach and create a consistent funnel of new clients? Then our London-based PPC Agency can help you!

At SEO Eaze, a PPC agency based in London, our experts are dedcated to growing UK businesses online presence, helping them increase out reach, brand awareness and, most important, grow their revenue. With us you will get a team of veteran PPC experts, who will use all the avaliable analytics tools and years of their experience in managing PPC campaigns to make your online advertising yeild the best possible results!

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Professional PPC Management Services to Reach Your Business Objectives

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Here at SEO Eaze we put our clients first. We offer a free, no strings attached consultation first to see what we can do to grow your business the best way we can. Our experts are always ready to answer your most burning questions and help you reach success you always wanted to.

How Our PPC Services Get Results

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Powerful Landing Page Design

No matter how pretty ot optimized your ad is if you don’t have a good landing page you won’t get clients you want. This is the first page potential client sees after clicking on your ad, so you have to make everything right for them to convert. Our London PPC marketing team will create landing pages optimized for the best results and high conversion rate. Our ROI-driven approach will help you grow customer base in no time.

Social Advertising

People spend tons of time on social media daily, so have a well-optimized ads in there are a good way to get a good source of new leads. Our team will create clickable ads on any platform, from Facebook to LinkedIn, including paid social media platofrms of your choice. We will also optimise your existing integrated PPC ads for the best result.

Display Advertising

Display advertising has been a staple of PPC and digital marketing as a whole since websites were a thing. Nowadays it even includes video ads on the sites like YouTube. Our expert PPC team and SEO Eazy will create eye-catching display ads and choose the right websites to show them on so we could focus the exact target audience your business is looking for.

Remarketing Ad Management

Every top PPC management agency worth its salt will use remarketing to its maximum potential. It’s a very powerful tool to get back cold or returning leads and visitors. Our experts will setup effective remarketing ad management systems to build a successful PPC campaign and bring great results for your business!

Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are right now the fastest way to get to the top of search results on Google. Those different ads popping up right under the search bar, before eberything else? Those are local Search Ads. We will choose the most ROI efficent keywords to create LSA’s for to minimize your ad spend and maximize revenue.

Search Engine Ads

See all those ads on Google and other search engnes? These are search engine ads, or paid ads. Google ads are the biggest platform for paid ads and any dedicated PPC management service will have it as a go-to option. We at SEO Eazy are no exception. Or experts will create search engine ads for engines you wish for and also Google shopping ads, if you wish to sell your product on different marketplaces, including Google!

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How Much Do PPC Services Cost

PPC Services cost vary depending on several factors. What exact solutions are you looking for? What is your business size? What results are you looking for? All this and more goes into determining the pricing of PPC ad campaigns.

On average, for startups and individual enterpreneurs the cost is between £150 and £1500, for small businesses is from £200 to £2500, for mid-sized businesses is from £6000 to £8000, and for big businesses it can go over £15000. However it is important to remeber the cost will vary, depending on your buisness, your niche and the keywords you want to buy ads for. Also, hiring a professional PPC agency will cut the PPC costs dramatically.

Working with a paid search agency will drop down your PPC expences to £300 – £2500. To get an exact pricing that will fir your business and your needs contact SEO Eazy PPC experts today and schedule a free consultation.

London PPC Management Services

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How we work

  • Competitor Analysis

    When coming up with a specific approach to PPC you need to see what your competitors are doing first. This type of analysis is crucial to see what works and where you can overcome your business rivals. Looking through ad copies, keyword choices, cost per click and click through rates are the basis of what comes next.

  • Strategy

    After that we will perform your PPC audit: we will determine what keywords will be the best for your business, what type of ad will be the most effective, what budget to allocate, setting up bid management, how your previous ppc campaigns went and what can beimproved in the future. This step will be the bedrock that will later result in people, seeking your product or services, seeing your ads and coming to you.

  • Setup Analitycs

    Insight is the most powerful thing when it comes to PPC. As the best PPC agency in London we have a deep understanding of how analytics work and how are they important for PPC sucsess. We will set upthe right analytics platform for the search method of your choosing: LSA, Display ads, google ads, Microsoft ads, Youtube ads – any platform that will be the most benefitial for your business.

  • Start Advertising

    And then you start. And after that you wait. PPC still, like any other marketing method, takes time, even with leading PPC agencies. Our PPC management team will keep a close eye on your ads to see if there are any discrepancies and get the relevant result so you could be informed about what’s going on.

  • Analyse results

    Results with PPC come in fast. Our expert team will analyze every point of your ad campaign, what worked and what didn’t, fix the issues, improve on achievemnts and go back in again. Digital marketing landscape averse to stagnation – to be on top of PPC you need to always evolve. This is exactly what our experienced PPC company in London is the best at.